Market Update — Great Newsflow, Terrible Prices

Sector newsflow has been strong for most of 2018 with improving regulatory clarity, accelerating entry of new market participants and, most importantly, the continued inflow of key global development and tech management expertise. Unfortunately digital asset prices have disconnected from this and their year-to-date performance has been what can only be described as terrible. With

Market Funding Rates — Sentiment and Directional Indicators

Funding rates are a highly correlated indicator to market sentiment and direction but remain relatively unfollowed in the digital asset world— we think this will change as the availability and size of the digital asset lending market increases and further institutional participants enter. Its something we follow closely and Joshua Green, Digital Asset Capital Management’s Head

Introducing DAF ICO Fund

Digital Asset Capital Management (“DACM”) has launched the DAF ICO Fund, a fund 100% focussed on investing in high-quality ICOs and complimenting Digital Asset Fund’s market positioning. Our focus is on finding, working with and financing early-stage, high-quality blockchain and blockchain-like projects. The Fund is structured to provide global institutional and family office investors with

A Golden Age for Bitcoin ETFs?

We remain confident that we will see the first US-based/regulated bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (“ETF”) backed by physical ownership over the next twelve months. The global demand for ETF structures, across all asset classes, is likely to be replicated with bitcoin (and, over time, other leading digital assets). This can only be supportive for the

Why Protocal Investing is a Unique Opportunity

Some of the greatest innovations over the last 50 years have been created by those who have little or no economic ownership in them. The creators of open source assets or open standards that have changed all our lives, remodelling communications, work and connectivity in such a way that it is now hard for these

Bitcoin Isn’t Going to Zero — That’s a Big Deal

The traditional investment and financial services world has had a consensus view, since they started having a view, that bitcoin, and the digital asset sector as a whole, will one day be worthless (assuming [rat poison]² is worthless). The only debate has been about “when”, not “if”. This lack of belief in bitcoin’s sustainability is